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Nazareth Housing provides 29 units of transitional housing to homeless families with dependent children on the Lower East Side and the Bronx. In fiscal year 2014 53 families were hosted in our shelter units each night, including 160 children. With a thirty plus year proven track record, we have a well-developed approach to stabilize and strengthen families recovering from the multiple losses and traumas of homelessness.

The Nazareth Housing Way:

Executive Director Callaghan’s
New York Times Op-Ed Piece
Click here to read his letter.
  • Strength-based perspective with intensive case management
  • Individualized and personalized approach
  • Skilled team of professional case managers and specialists
  • Engage families, empowering them in their return to permanent and sustainable permanent housing

Support Services:

  • Intensive Case Management
  • HUD Certified Housing Counseling
  • Effective Housing Workshops
    • finding the right neighborhood
    • rental application completion
    • how to interview with brokers and landlords
    • housing search techniques
    • positive landlord relations
    • good neighbor practices
    • tenant rights and obligations
    • basic household repairs
    • household cleaning and management skills
    • maintaining permanent housing
  • Family Advancement Workshops
  • Financial Literacy
  • Youth Programming

Success Story

An immigrant in the process of receiving her green card, Rolanda fled domestic violence. Rolanda and her son came into shelter services hoping for a pathway to a new and better life. As she worked with her therapist in recovery, to rebuild her sense of independence and personal security, she also engaged with Nazareth Housing staff in a variety of ways. Read More…


Nazareth Housing has 4 hours to turnover (clean and prepare) a shelter unit before a new family moves in.

*Move in bag consists of:

  • 3 pc. Glass bowl set
  • 20 pc. Silverware utensil set
  • Wall clock
  • 5 pc. Serving utensil set & 3 pc. Set of mugs
  • 6 pc. Set of glasses
  • Oven mitt and potholder
  • Can opener
  • 6 pc. Towel set
  • Cutting board
  • All the items are inside a reusable laundry bag

Items we place in a unit:

  • broom and dustpan
  • crib (if none)
  • infant linen bag  (2 fitted crib sheets, wash cloth, towel, 2 sleep sacks)
  • 3 adult linen bags (bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, single and fitted sheets, pillow case, pillow)
  • bucket, mop, murphy’s oil soap, plunger and toilet brush
  • shower mat
  • roll of toilet paper
  • move-in bag*
  • bag of toiletries
  • pots, pans, and kitchen towels

A qualified Case Worker will meet the family at the building to give keys and show the unit.

A resident handbook is provided by New York State Department of Homeless Services (DHS). From this moment forward, family will meet with case worker on daily basis to check in and work on independent living plan. The family will integrate with outreach and prevention clients for some workshops as well as be required to attend effective housing workshops specifically for shelter residents. Nazareth Housing family shelters consistently reach or exceed targets for moving families from homelessness to new homes.

Dasani’s Story in the New York Times and Nazareth Housing’s Shelters