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We believe in Housing For All

Whether permanent or transitional, our safe housing is where dignity is fostered,

children thrive, seniors are safe, and families aspire to a future of real opportunity.

Housing For All

Watch the stories of Nandi and Anibal and their respective journeys to secure housing.


Louise's Pantry Winter Newsletter

Reusable pantry bags, blizzard preparedness, and over 31,000 meals provided since July.

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Spring Appeal 2016

Your gift this spring gives hundreds of low-income families the opportunity for new beginnings.


May Programming Schedule

May is Family Support Month at Nazareth Housing.

May 10th – 6:00PM - 206 E. 4th St. - Becoming Bankable

May 14th – 11:00AM - 206 E. 4th St. - Mother's Day and Louise's Pantry Recipe Demo

May 17th – 11:30AM - 206 E. 4th St. - Community Housing Workshop

May 19th – 5:30PM - 206 E. 4th St. - Stress and Anger Management

May 24th – 6:00PM - 206 E. 4th St. - Financial Literacy: Credit Cards