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We believe in Housing For All

Whether permanent or transitional, our safe housing is where dignity is fostered,

children thrive, seniors are safe, and families aspire to a future of real opportunity.

Housing For All

Watch the stories of Nandi and Anibal and their respective journeys to secure housing.


Need help paying a bill?

Nazareth Housing can help you pay an overdue bill. Call our office at 212-777-1010.

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Spring Appeal 2016

Your gift this spring gives hundreds of low-income families the opportunity for new beginnings.


In Solidarity with Orlando


June Programming Schedule

June is Safety Month at Nazareth Housing.

June 7th – 11:30AM - 206 E. 4th St. - Eviction Prevention Workshop

June 9th – 5:30PM - 206 E. 4th St. - Stress and Anger Management (Adults & Youth)

June 11th – All Day - 206 E. 4th St. - Gardening and Joy Event

June 21st – 11:30AM - 206 E. 4th St. - Addressing Maintenance Issues with your Landlord

June 25th – 11:30AM - 206 E. 4th St. - Read To Me Brunch

June 28th – 11:30AM - 206 E. 4th St. - Community Housing Workshop

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